Which Types of sex every married couple can totes relate to

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Which Types of sex every married couple can totes relate to

as your relationship evolves. In the beginning, it's all hot and heavy, tear your clothes off on a whim type of sex all the time and then after a few years, a couple kids and a shared place, it's less new positions and more of the same, which can be a really, really good thing. So don't worry, married couples, you're not alone — these are the types of sex all y'all can relate to.

1. Pets In The Bed Sex
Hello doggie style! When you've been together forever and live with pets, it ain't no thing to get it on with your precious pup snoozing at the end of the bed. Who knows, he might even jump up in the middle of things and try to interrupt the action. But not even a little lick on the backside can stop a good thing once it's underway; you just shoo him to the side and keep going.

2. Scheduled Sex
Because yeah, you're that comfortable with each other! If your love life is a little bit more pre-planned than your single friends, trust us, you're not alone. As a married person, sometimes you literally have to fit sex into your schedule and put it on the calendar. Other times, it might get pretty spontaneous with your husband casually asking, "Should we have sex tonight?" during the middle of your fave Netflix show. You'll either be too tired and turn him down or like, yeah sure, sounds like a plan.

3. Baby Making Sex
Turns out, you can't just get pregnant any time you decide to have unprotected sex! As any married couple that either has kids or is currently trying knows, there's only a very small window each month that making a baby is actually possible. So when those ovulation tests turn positive, baby it's on like Donkey Kong! You'll have so much sex you're literally exhausted by the end of your fertile period. Then the two-week wait starts for a positive preggers test, and if it's negative, well you'll be back at it again like two teenagers the next month.

4. The Usual
You like what you like! At this point in your relationship, you've got a good routine going, both in the bedroom and out. You know what position he likes best and vice versa, and there's typically one or two you stick to because duh, it feels awesome! That's not to say you don't ever switch things up (see below for more on that), but for the most part, on your average weekend or weeknight, you'll have some more of "the usual".

5. Vacation Sex
Nothing puts a married couple in the mood more than a beautiful view and a five-star hotel room (okay, any nice hotel room will do really). Vacations are an escape from the every day, a chance to reconnect, shake things up a bit and explore not just a new destination but each other's bodies in a whole new way as well. Without fail, things tend to get a lot kinkier between the sheets on vacay.

6. Drunk Sex
Two thumbs up for spontaneity! Drunk sex and vacation sex tend to go hand in hand, naturally. Married or not, the older you get, the less you tend to hit the town hard because, well, it's too hard to recover the next day! When you do get the chance to let loose and down some drinks together though (granted, you're still capable of functioning in the bedroom), things can get pretty wild and passionate to the point where you can't keep your hands off each other. Dirty talk is always an added bonus of drunk sex too.

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