Deciding If A Mini-Moon Right For You

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Deciding If A Mini-Moon Right For You

A popular decision amongst many newlywed couples is to opt for a mini-moon, either instead of, or before, a traditional honeymoon trip. Mini-moons generally come out of a couple's desire to get away immediately after their big celebrations, but for a shorter or less expensive getaway — versus a longer and more expensive honeymoon. To help decide if a mini-moon is the right choice for you and your soon-to-be spouse, consider these factors.

If it looks like your wedding will take a good chunk (or completely wipe out) your savings — a mini-moon may be perfect for you. Rather than spending thousands on an extravagant trip, consider taking a smaller, more modest excursion for now, and plan a bigger trip for the future. Not only will it give you something to look forward to in the coming months (or years), but you will come back financially stable — rather than racking up newlywed debt in the name of a honeymoon.

Vacation Time
Carefully look at your work schedules, vacation policies, and workload at the time you'd like to go away. If you can't find a week or two that overlap and work for both of you, then perhaps a weekend mini-moon is the best solution, at least for now. Not only will you not use up all your vacation time in one shot, but you'll be able to enjoy yourselves much more without worrying about what's going on in the workplace. You'll come back from your ideal mini-moon ready to tackle any looming projects if it's a busy time of year in your workplace, and able to still daydream about a future trip too.

If you've both dreamed of a Caribbean honeymoon, but are getting married during Hurricane Season, it might not be the best time to pack your bags and head to an oceanfront resort. Conversely, if you've dreamt of a romantic winter getaway filled with skiing and roaring fires but you're saying "I do" in June, you don't have to sacrifice your winter wonderland solely for the weather. Simply push pause on the honeymoon trip and pack your bags for a local mini-moon instead. A weekend at a B&B or spa post-nuptials can be relaxing, romantic, and rejuvenating as you celebrate your first few days as newlyweds "away" from it all.

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