Should You Postpone Your Honeymoon

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Should You Postpone Your Honeymoon

Not every couple flies off first thing after their wedding to enjoy their honeymoon. Some newlyweds postpone their getaways by weeks or even months, taking time to relax without the pressure of long flights and lost luggage, to bolster their bank accounts, feed into their FOMO from work, or save money on the getaway itself.

"Wedding planning sucks a lot of energy and money out of brides and grooms," says Sandy Malone, owner of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events, which specializes in destination weddings. Waiting six months, she says, "allows couples to save money and get back their energy so the trip can be as fantastic as they've dreamed."

But that doesn't mean you should automatically jump on the postponed honeymoon bandwagon. Our experts would advise you weigh the pros and cons long before you book your post-wedding day tickets.

Pro: You'll have time to save after the wedding. With enough time, you can sock away serious moolah to spend on this romantic getaway, Malone points out. You might choose to spend that extra money on a more elaborate trip, or spring for a luxury resort.

Con: You could feel cheated. "Unless you take at least a few days someplace alone together, you may feel somewhat cheated," warns Malone. "You need a way to come down from the wedding high," and that might mean working in a mini-moon if you opt out of a full-blown honeymoon right after the wedding.

Pro: You may have more vacation days to work with. Chances are, you had to take a few days off before you wedding — days that might replenish after the new year. "Added time allows for work vacation days to recharge, giving the couple more time to spend at their destination," says John Wheeler, owner of Kaleidoscope Events.

Con: You risk postponing your honeymoon again (and again). Life often gets in the way of our best plans, including plans for a postponed honeymoon. So, "unless you block the dates and start your honeymoon planning, it could get postponed again or indefinitely, due to everything from job changes to pregnancy," Malone says.

Pro: Each day will be fun. Malone warns that it takes time to recover from the excitement and stress of the wedding. If you postpone this particular getaway, "you'll enjoy every day of your honeymoon, instead of spending the first two days in recovery from your wedding," she says.

Con: Your cash wedding gifts might get spent before you go. You planned to use those precious dollars for a spa day at the beach. But, if you're not careful, cash gifts received at the wedding may get used to pay household bills instead of being set aside for special treats on the honeymoon.

Pro: Planning a honeymoon without a wedding to boot is less stressful. When you are planning your wedding alongside your honeymoon, some of the fun of dreaming up your dream getaway gets lost. "Planning will be much more enjoyable when it's your only priority, instead of a necessary evil added to your wedding to-do list," says Malone.

Con: It might not feel as special. According to Wheeler, "it's a magical feeling to go from the wedding day immediately into the honeymoon, especially if you have not first lived together and it's all a new experience." Some of that excitement may not stick around if you wait too long, he warns.

Malone offers up this last piece of advice before you decide whether to postpone your honeymoon: "Ask yourself if there's a good reason to have your honeymoon immediately after the wedding," she says. "If one spouse is [for example] switching jobs and won't have accumulated enough vacation time for a year, delaying could mean no honeymoon for a very long time. Otherwise, stash the wedding cash, make your reservations for the later date, and start planning the most memorable trip of your life."

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