6 Wedding Reception Game Ideas Your Guests Will Love

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Weddings are all about bringing people together to celebrate over delicious food and dance floor fun. But as your planning your big day, you may decide that you want to splurge on a few more activities to keep guests' butts out of their chairs and active throughout the night. If you're wondering what kind of games you can include during your reception, here are six of our favorite suggestions.

Mad Libs for Wedding Advice

Customize and create different Mad Libs that you can leave on tables around your reception for guests to pick up throughout the night. It'll be a fun way for them to interact with each other and it will be a fun treat for you to read after your wedding for some laugh out loud moments.

Traditional Lawn Games

Whether you had an affinity for corn hole or giant board games, like Jenga or scrabble, you can section off a part of your reception where you have these games for your guests to play throughout the night. It'll keep them out of their chairs and close to the dance floor.

Video Games

If you or your fiancé love video games, you can set up stations at your wedding of video games that people can stop by and play. You can even have small prizes for winners along the way.

Oversized Word Search

Transform a classic chalkboard into a creative word search that your guests can try their hand at all evening long. The trick is to write the letters in permanent paint and provide chalk only for circling words. Get creative and include details about you and your groom for guests to find.

Board Games

Not all guests want to spend the night on the dance floor. Offering a selection of quick, multi-player board games (read: not Monopoly) will entertain your more introverted guests throughout the evening.

College Drinking Games

If you loved to play flip cup or beer pong back in the day and are having a more relaxed, casual wedding, you can set up stations at your reception where people can relive their college drinking games. Pro tip: Substitute water for beer in the solo cups so things don't get TOO reminiscent of freshman year.

6 Wedding Reception Game Ideas Your Guests Will Love
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