What If One of My 'Maids Doesn't Like the Bridesmaids' Dresses I Picked Out?

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At least by definition, bridesmaids are supposed to be supportive, helpful, agreeable, and ultimately there to make your wedding-planning process a little bit easier. But they’re also human, which means they have opinions and preferences of their own, especially when it comes to what they’ll be wearing down the aisle. What if one of your bridesmaids decides she doesn’t like the dress you’ve chosen for her? Here are a few tips from our experts on how to handle the situation.

Part of being a bridesmaid is signing up to wear the dress of the bride’s choice, so your bridesmaid would be a little out of line if she suddenly decided that wasn’t something she could do. But before you fire her, find out why she doesn’t like the dress. Is it too revealing? Too short? Too fitted to her figure? There’s probably a good explanation for her discomfort and probably a solution!

If the issue is in the fit, encourage your bridesmaid to make sure she gets properly measured before ordering her dress and to talk to the salesperson about tailoring options. It’s much easier to take a dress that’s slightly large and adjust it to fit comfortably than it is to open up a too-small style. Some great tailoring will take a silhouette she doesn’t love and turn it into one that’s flattering in all the right places—without making it look like it’s a different design than what your other ‘maids are wearing. Necklines can be raised slightly, and boning can be added to help turn a dress that shows a lot of skin into one that’s supportive and covers appropriately.

If the problem is with the color or general style, your bridesmaid will really need to bite the bullet and smile for pictures. Especially if you have all of your bridesmaids in the exact same style, having her trade her gown for a different hue or an alternate shape will make her really stand out. While you’ll need her to wear the dress down the aisle and in photos, encourage her to bring a wrap, sweater, or jacket that she loves to throw over the dress for the reception (which is also a great solution to a bridesmaid who prefers to be covered up!).

What If One of My 'Maids Doesn't Like the Bridesmaids' Dresses I Picked Out?
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