What You Can (and Can’t!) Discuss with Someone Who Isn't Invited to Your Wedding

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As soon as you’ve got a ring on your finger, people will start asking about your wedding. Friends, family members, acquaintances, even the person working the register at your local supermarket. Unless you’re a master at keeping secrets, it’s hard to resist the urge to chat about what you have planned, especially if you’re talking to someone you know. But if that person isn’t invited to your wedding, you’ll want to tread lightly to make sure they don’t feel excluded. Which topics are fair game, and which should be avoided? Our experts break it down for you.
DO: Your Excitement

No matter whom you’re speaking with, talking about how happy and excited you are to marry your fiancé is always fair game. After all, who doesn’t love a love story?
DON'T: Your Budget

Unless the person you’re talking to is contributing money to your wedding funds, stay away from discussing money at all costs (no pun intended). If someone asks what you’re spending, you are totally allowed to say that you’d rather not discuss your wedding budget, and change the subject.
DO: Your Honeymoon

Again, everyone loves a great trip! If you’re involved in the honeymoon planning process, answering questions about where you’re going and what you’ll do there is fair game—especially because there’s zero expectation that the person you’re chatting with will get an invite!
DON'T: Your Guest List

Questions about your wedding guest list can feel prying, especially when coming from someone who isn’t on it. An easy way to end this line of questioning is to say that you’re keeping the celebration really intimate, or that your venue doesn’t allow for very many guests. Then move on!
DO: Vendor Recommendations

Talking to someone who is engaged themselves? If you love the people you’re working with and think they might be a good fit for your friend, feel free to pass on your vendors’ names! Word of mouth is a great way for them to grow their business, and if you and your vendor have a great relationship, it can make them more appealing to your friend (and make your friend look more appealing as a potential client!).
DON'T: Planning Stress

This is a good one to keep between the two of you (or at least to the wedding party) as much as possible, whether you’re talking to someone who is invited to your wedding or not. Any sort of venting or gossip has a way of making the rounds, and you don’t want your big day to be clouded by negativity amongst your peers.

 What You Can (and Can’t!) Discuss with Someone Who Isn't Invited to Your Wedding
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