The Wedding Beauty Routines You Should Start As Soon As You Get Engaged

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He popped the question, and you're officially engaged. Now, regardless of how long you plan on enjoying your engagement, you'll be walking down the aisle some day soon —obviously looking like the gorgeous bride-to-be that you are. But why wait until the panic sets in to begin your pre-wedding beauty routine? Check out what you can begin doing right now, to be wedding-ready later.

Set Up a Skin Care Routine
If you want glowing wedding skin and you don't currently have a healthy skin care routine — now is the time to start. Properly cleansing, toning, hydrating and treating your skin is a process that becomes increasingly important as you get older, and even more important as you approach your walk down the aisle. Consult with a dermatologist on which products are the best for you, and stick to the regimen each morning and night — regardless of that pre-wedding exhaustion and craziness. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Does your daily recommended water intake seem completely unattainable? We promise you — it's not. A properly hydrated body is a healthy body, and it's essential to meet your hydration goals daily in order to look and feel your best. Once engaged, wedding planning whirlwind is about to hit hard, and by consuming the right amount of healthy liquids daily you'll be able to sleep easier, and feel better every step of the way.

Give Your Hair Some TLC
As much as you might want to grow out your hair to rock long, flowing locks on your big day — you may be surprised to know that regular trims are essential for healthy wedding hair. Once you know exactly how you'd like to wear your hair for the big day, ask your stylist the proper maintenance and products to use routinely from the moment you've said "yes" to when you've said "I do."

Step Up your Brow Game
Perfect brows don't happen over night. (But we sure wish they did!) Properly maintained brows are the best brows no matter the occasion, but for your wedding? They're a given. We recommend tweezing, waxing, or threading your arches around every three weeks, and when in doubt — consult a professional for the perfect shape, thickness, arch and color you have in mind. The earlier you start training them, the better they'll be on the big day!

Take your Vitamins
You were probably forced to take them as a kid, but now they can be as important as ever to help you reach your beauty and wellness goals before your big day. Want healthy, strong nails and hair? Give Biotin a whirl, or try adding iron into your supplement routine for shinier, thicker locks. For gorgeous skin, Vitamin A can be used topically to help fight wrinkles, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids can help your skin retain moisture and possibly help prevent wrinkles. (Just be sure to always consult a doctor before you begin any supplement routine.)

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