Which things grooms shouldn't do during wedding planning

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Which things grooms shouldn't do during wedding planning

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! As much as we love guys, they can literally drive us girls up the wall wedding planning. Of course, they'd say the exact same thing about us too; we know we're not perfect and can be equally as annoying, duh. But because they're not reading this and you are, let's all take a moment to air out our frustrations together and just vent, brides. From the annoying way he waits until the last second to get his suit to how he claims it's, "Whatever you want babe" yet it's definitely not, here are five irritating things practically all grooms are guilty of.

1. Showing Minimal Enthusiasm
It's like is he even excited about getting married or this wedding at all? You're giddy as hell over here, constantly flipping through bridal magazines and pinning your favorite décor ideas every chance you get. All you want to talk about is the wedding, but whenever you bring it up he completely shuts down and just isn't that into it. Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone. Trust us, he's excited, just in his own way and that doesn't always come across great. Chances are, he's more concerned about spending forever with you and less about what kind of flowers you choose.

2. Saying He Likes Everything You Show Him
He means well, he really does, however in an effort not to upset you or get into a lengthy discussion about cake designs, he simply says he likes them all, which is seriously no help at all! When you're indecisive (and aren't we all at some point during wedding planning), it's nice to have your significant other weigh in and basically make the decision for you. You've already done all the legwork so the least he could do is choose his favorite. Arghhhh.

3. Having No Opinion Until a Decision Has Finally Been Made
Remember that time he said he liked all the wedding cake designs you showed him so you finally just picked one yourself and got the ball rolling? Then out of nowhere, after you've already communicated your vision to the cake baker of course, he suddenly has a strong opinion about the freaking design (or whatever detail it may be in your case). Uh, WTF!? It's nice to know he cares, but it's more so maddening than anything else because he's wasted your time. Now you have to go back and make all these revisions that you wouldn't have had to do had he spoken up in the first place.

4. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Get His Suit
As if you didn't have enough to stress about already, like reminding your bridesmaids to get their sh*t together and order their dresses, your fiancé is just over there taking his sweet time taking care of his own suit for the wedding. It's not that you don't trust him to get it done in time (you do); it's just that him waiting until the last minute gives you so much unnecessary anxiety...like...so much. And that, brides, you definitely don't need. Ugh, men!

5. Not Standing Up to His Mother
She has a guest list as long as your own and is very vocal about the two of you having a band on the big day. You guys, on the other hand, want a DJ and have had to nix your own friends off the guest list due to the budget. So why isn't he telling his mom the deal and to back off a little bit? Now you have to either look like the bad guy by speaking up or let the resentment continue to build, both of which options suck!

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